Unknown Iridium

bbresa - Brian Bresaw (bbresa@acxiom.com)
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 09:22:34 -0500

I'm a little new at this but I believe I saw my first Iridium flare last night.  Problem is none of the iridium flare prediction programs I've used predict a flare at the time I saw it.  I went out to my tracking program I use and found two iridiums that may have been in the area at the time of observation.

Here is the approximate position and time of the flare I saw:  RA: 19h 36m 12s  Dec: 32d 15m 50s    Time: 0206 UT

The only two iridium sats I have predicted to be in the area are Iridium 34 and Iridium 37 - Iridium 37 falling very close to the location of the flare.  My prediction of Iridium 37 says it should have been in the flare location 10 minutes earlier than the time I saw the flare, however Iridium 34 would have been in the area at the exact time of observation. But Iridium 34's predicted track puts it between Lyra and Hercules, not between Lyra and Cygnus where I saw the flare.

Another thing is that the flare of an approximate mag of -2 only lasted a couple of seconds then the sat disappeared.  

Can anyone tell me which Iridium this could have been?  If it wasn't an Iridium sat, what was it?

Brian Bresaw
Location: Conway, Arkansas, US
35.100 N  92.400 W
Altitude: 99 meters

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