Re: Intelsat 5-3 r (13007, 81-119B)

Ed Cannon (
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 02:16:11 -0500

Ralph wrote regarding Intelsat 5-3 r (13007, 81-119B):

] I haven't seen much on SeeSat about this Atlas Centaur, does 
] anyone have any observational history on it?

I'll recommend Jason Hatton's page on "Centaur Rocket Boosters":

It includes a list of Atlas Centaurs with a lot of data, and it 
has links to sites with more good information.

In general, for just about all known flashing/tumbling objects, 
there are the BWGS observing program,


and recent observations:

The BWGS data are available for download via Mike McCants' FTP 
site: (intro - 28K) (723K)

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