Decay watch: Oct 9

Alan Pickup (
Sat, 9 Oct 1999 21:14:45 +0100

My decay watch page at
has my updated prediction for the decay of #25916, Foton 12 debris D,
at October 10 23:27 UTC +-7h. SpaceCom's latest prediction is for
October 11 02:10 UTC +-1d.

The final orbit in my current prediction begins with a northbound
equator crossing over the Indian Ocean, SE of Sri Lanka, at 22:51 UTC.
It continues cross China to the far-N Pacific and onwards to pass SW of
San Francisco at 23:25 and Los Angeles a minute later. I put re-entry
near the southbound equator crossing at 23:35, W of the Galapagos
Islands. If it continues, it crosses S Chile and Argentina at 23:49,
passes over the far-S Atlantic and the Indian Ocean to landfall over SW
India at 00:23. SpaceCom puts decay more than one orbit later still,
over Saudi-Arabia/Iraq.

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