ETS 6: spectacular star-party pass

Ed Cannon (
Sat, 09 Oct 1999 12:32:51 -0500

Last night (early 9 Oct UTC) at the Austin Astronomical Society's 
Central Texas Star Party, ETS 6 (94-56A, 23230) made a truly 
spectacular pass.  I didn't watch it continuously, but it had at 
least two episodes of bright one-power flashes.  The first episode 
was happening when we first looked at about 2:00 UTC; the range 
was about 25,000 km., and the maxima were about +2 magnitude.  
Around 3:10 the maxima were at least +1.0, with ETS 6 at a range 
of about 18,000 km.  

Location was "the Corral", Pedernales Falls State Park, Blanco
County, Texas -- a fairly dark site:  30.320N, 98.255W, 305m.

PPAS report:

94- 56 A 99-10-09 03:20:08   EC 4487.2 0.2 390 11.506 mag+1->inv

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA

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