Re: My folks think I'm crazy...
Fri, 08 Oct 1999 11:43:37 -0500


	I'm glad you posted this one, (My folks think I'm crazy for tracking the classified
objects) I've photographed quite a few Iridium flares up to mag -8.0.  I may have seen
a mag -9.0 + (although I cannot find the report as I file everything by date not
subject, and the text search came up null as I cannot remember which iridium it was, I
believe it was an Iridium fourty something, I'll pass it on if I find it ), anyway I've
seen one other report of a mag -9.0 + flare.  In my case it was like seeing a flashbulb
going off directly above (in my case it was at zenith) at about 20 or 30 ft.  As Don
Gardner mentioned they are rare and quite a sight!

Another solution to show your folks that 

A.) You are not crazy.  

B.) You are crazy, but are not alone.

have them visit  There are four pages of flare pics by myself and Jari
and links to several other sites with Iridium flare pics by Paolo Bussolo and other
Seesat members.  They might find the two by Jari, iridium flares against Aurora
backgrounds, unique and interesting. 

Regards and best wishes

Jim Nix

Patrice Gambaro wrote:
> Hi all
> Since I'm kind of a passive participant to this list (I read all
> messages with great interest but rarely have anything to say), I tough
> I'd share a weird moment. Yesterday (oct 7), GSOC predicted a -4 Iridium
> flare at 19:19 over my place (45.8379N, 73.9162W). Since the center was
> only about 11 km away and the mag at center was -9, which I have never
> seen before, I decided to organize a little field trip...
> So, using MapBlast, I determined the coordinates of the center (45.85N,
> 73.77W) and I double checked by entering those into the GSOC page which
> confirmed a -9 flare from Iridium 2, azimuth 157 , elevation 56. Then,
> armed with printouts from the GSOC page and the Mapblast map, my compass
> and precisely ajusted watch, I asked my wife if she felt like spending a
> moment out in the cold standing up in a corn field by the side of the
> road, just to watch the show. She said sure and then she had what she
> tought was a great idea...
> "Let's take your folks along" she said. My folks are in good health but
> they're kind of "in their own little world"... anything outside the
> house (or outside TV) does not really exist to them. So I could
> certainly not asked them to stand looking up in the corn field in
> freezing temperature without giving some explanation and I was certainly
> not going to try to brief them on communication satellites...
> "They can predict shooting stars nowadays and there's gonna be one in
> half an hour; want to come watch it ?"  I asked my father over the
> phone. "I'm gonna miss Frasier" he replied. "You gonna catch a cold"
> said my mother who had picked-up the other phone. "You can tape Frasier
> and you can bring a blanket" I replied answering both in one phrase.
> "And since you know in advance you're gonna see a shooting star, you can
> prepare wishes..."
> Anyway, I don't want to make this message too long, but from 19:00 to
> 19:30 yesterday night, some farmers looking out their windows were
> wondering what were those four people and that dog doing standing in
> their field looking up at that clear sky... The woman was trying to calm
> down the dog (he tought we were going hunting)... the old man was
> complaining about missing some TV shows... the old woman was complaining
> about catching a cold... and a middle aged guy was staring at the sky,
> confident that everybody would return home happy... confidence which
> diminished by 19:20... disappeared by 19:25... I know there is always a
> chance for this to happen, but why tonight... Iridium 2 predicted flare
> never showed... I think I saw Iridium 2 go by (could have been something
> else) around +3 or +4 mag but I did not say a word... humiliation was
> already achieved, no need to add to it...
> But now, my folks think I'm crazy and I don't know what to tell them...
> any suggestions ?
> Pat
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