Keeping warm

Brierley David (
Fri, 8 Oct 1999 14:06:10 +0100

Writing about Flaring Geosats, Daniel Deak wrote:

> #24957 = 97-053A = INTELSAT 803 was seen starting at 01:40 and
> soon reached a mag of +4. This sat stayed visible for an amazingly
> long
> time. In fact, when my session ended because I was frozen at 02:02, it
> was still visible but had faded to a mag of +7.5. It's fun to see a
> sat move
> so slowly among the stars.
> Position : RA 01h44m,  dec. -6.6 deg at 01:42:20
I would like to pass on a tip for keeping warm during long frosty
sessions.  I keep my feet warm and dry by putting an old pair of
trainers in a (cool) oven beforehand to both warm them and dry them out.
Then, if I have a suitable break in my observing schedule, I pop them
back in the oven.  It really makes a big difference.  It also makes it
much easier to go to sleep afterwards if your feet aren't frozen solid.

Happy and comfortable viewing!


David M Brierley
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