Iridium Sim2 Obs & Unk
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 21:35:51 -0600 (MDT)

Despite a hazy night, i was able to observe Iridium Sim2 #24926 97048 with
my 10x50s as it passed Perseus at 02:12:45 8 Oct UTC +/-5 sec. Az 43 deg El
30 deg. I couldn't get precise mag as it was passing thru some haze but it
was easily seen when in clear sky with my 10x50s.

Shortly after Iridium Sim2 went by, at 02:14:xx (no accurate seconds
timing), i spotted a second object with the 10x50s, following along on
roughly the same track, just slightly higher in elevation (less than 5 deg).
However it did pass above Mirfak while Irid Sim2 was below it. I tried
following it but the haze was too thick and i lost it. At 02:16:15 Cosmos
925 r #10135 came into view at 1x so the unknown wasn't it.

Iridium Sim1 #24925 97048 was to come by later on but by that time, only
grey sky and fuzzy stars could be seen. 


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