Re: GEOs

Ron Lee (
Thu, 07 Oct 1999 14:31:45 -0600

>Can someone throw a few suggested GEOs at me that we might
>be able to locate in the dusk to pre-midnight hours of 10/8
>and 10/9? It would be neat to park a 25" dob on Superbird A
>and just help people up the ladder. I can run the
>predictions, I think, if I KNEW the ones to go for.

Superbird A (#20040)  is a good choice and only needs binoculars
during the bright period.  Maybe Rob Matson will post a current
set of times for that.

You might also try the DBS (#22930, 23192 and 23598) satellites 
and others in that area such as ACTS (#22796). 

Also try looking at GEOs before they are eclipsed.

I can send you a JPG to find the GEOs before eclipse if you are

Ron Lee

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