Bobby (
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 15:16:59 -0400

Hi folks. My astronomy club is holding its East Coast Star
Party this weekend in Coinjock, NC -75.926 36.421  -4 UT and
I am getting a little tired of M31, Albireo, etc.

I introduced the club to its first -6 Iridium flare a couple
of years ago and they still talk about it. I've already done
the predictions for MIR and ISS and we won't have any
passes, although we have a -7 Iridium flare coming on Friday
night, but others in the club will probably want to claim
this one.

Can someone throw a few suggested GEOs at me that we might
be able to locate in the dusk to pre-midnight hours of 10/8
and 10/9? It would be neat to park a 25" dob on Superbird A
and just help people up the ladder. I can run the
predictions, I think, if I KNEW the ones to go for.


-Bob Jones
SE Virginia, USA