[ADMIN] IMPORTANT changes in SeeSat-L/D policy (fwd)

Bart De Pontieu (bdp@sag.lmsal.com)
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 14:34:51 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

SeeSat-L listserv software is being upgraded -- this may lead to
temporary problems in the upcoming days -- please be patient!


1. Anti-spam measures installed for SeeSat-L/D (not UseSat-L)
2. Filters installed against ANY type of encoding/attachment 
(HTML, uuencode, rich text, Window attachments)
3. Added a line at each message with unsubscribe information.

1. Anti-spam measures

Increasingly, spam messages (commercial, etc...) messages are being sent
to SeeSat-L. Though the informal poll taken on UseSat-L indicated that
people's patience was not exhausted yet with these off-topic messages, I
have decided to enforce from now on a policy by which submussions to
SeeSat-L are only allowed by subscribers of SeeSat-L and SeeSat-D. I have
taken this step because the problem is increasing and will not go away:
our list-address has found its way on one of these lists of addresses and
it is impossible to get off one of those.

So, what changes for you? Ideally, nothing. If you post your SeeSat-L
messages from the same account as the one you receive messages from, you
will be OK. Our listserver checks for each submission whether the sender's
address looks similar to an address on the subscriber's list. It uses
fuzzy matching, so your receiving address does not have be 100% equal to
your posting addresses. 

In the worst case, your posting address is too different from your
receiving address and in that case you need to register your posting
address(es) with the listserver at
For details, see below.

Every time your submission is rejected, you will receive this message:

>Sorry, your message to SeeSat-L has been rejected. Submissions to this
>list are only allowed for subscribers of SeeSat-L and SeeSat-D. The
>address you sent your message from does not appear on our subscriber's
>list. What can you do?  
>1. Subscribe to the list by sending a message with 
>the word "subscribe" in the SUBJECT to
>Then re-submit the message you wanted to send.  
>2. If you are already subscribed to SeeSat-L or SeeSat-D 
>and received this rejection message, this means you are trying to post to
>SeeSat-L from an account/address that is not the same as the one where 
>you receive your SeeSat-L messages. In this case, you should register 
>your 'postonly' address by sending a message (from that account) to 
>SeeSat-L-postonly-request@lists.satellite.eu.org with the word
>"subscribe" in the SUBJECT. You can add as many addresses as you like --
>you will NOT receive multiple copies of SeeSat-L at these "postonly"
>addresses. You can "register" multiple addresses from any account. >
>Example: Say you have three accounts: john1@doe.com, john@yahoo.com,
>johnnie@earthlink.net You want to receive SeeSat-L messages at the
>yahoo-account, but want to post from all 3 accounts. Do the following:
>a. Subscribe john@yahoo.com to SeeSat-L by sending a message to
>SeeSat-L-request@lists.satellite.eu.org with the words "subscribe
>john@yahoo.com" in the SUBJECT from any account. 
>If you are sending this subscription request from your yahoo-account,
>then you can just write "subscribe" in the SUBJECT. 
>b. Register john1@doe.com as a postonly address by sending a message with
>the words "subscribe john1@doe.com" in
>the SUBJECT to SeeSat-L-postonly-request@lists.satellite.eu.org from any
>account. Again, if you are using your doe.com account for this message,
>you can just write "subscribe" in the SUBJECT. 
>c. Do the same for johnnie@earthlink.net as in b.

2. Filters

I have finally installed filters. They will reject any message that
contains attachments (winmail.dat), has multiple parts, is encoded
(uuencode, base64, HTML) or even just enriched text. You will receive a
rejection message should your message be unacceptable. 

By the way, please avoid excessive quoting of messages. I now have the
option to install filters against excessive quoting and will not hesitate
to so in case people keep quoting full messages when replying. Just quote
what you are replying to, be efficient, please.

3. Tagline

As of now (see below, hopefully), messages to SeeSat-L will contain a
message at the bottom explaining how to unsubscribe. There will also be a
reference to our Web-pages. 

All of these measures are taken to enhance your enjoyment of the list.
Discussion of these measures should be held on
not on SeeSat-L.

     Bart De Pontieu, bart@satellite.eu.org

PS: This message sent from bdp@sag.lmsal.com, which is not in the
subscriber's list of SeeSat-L/D, but is now on the SeeSat-L-postonly list.
If you receive this message, the new system works.

Unsubscribe from SeeSat-L by sending a message with 'unsubscribe'
in the SUBJECT to SeeSat-L-request@lists.satellite.eu.org