Iridium 76 Secondary Flare

Craig Simmons (
Fri, 08 Oct 1999 04:34:23 +1000

G'day All,
          I just observed a predicted -8 flare of Iridium 76 (25432U 98048B
according to OIG). It flared to -8 as predicted, but as it faded, about 2-3
sec after the peak, the brightness increased again to about -4 and held
steady for over 5 secs before fading away to the normal mag 4+ or so of the
basic satellite.

I haven't seen this phenomenon before, I would like to know if this is
uncommon, and what would the mechanism be for the secondary flare? - I'm
guessing this came off the forward antenna, could it be anything else?

Craig Simmons
-33.955 151.135