Tony Beresford (starman@camtech.net.au)
Sun, 03 Oct 1999 21:01:18 +0930

In IOD format
25071 97 064A   8597 F 19991003102939500 17 25 1630300-251200 48 S+033 05       
This evening I could have observed lacrosse 2 & 3 in the same patch of sky
moving in opposite directions within a minute of one another. That patch
was at an awkwardly low elevation, and I chose to get a position on
lacrosse 3, a little higher in the sky, just after it had an 
close approach to Antares in Scorpius.
Also had another unsuccessful sighting of USA 86, low in my SE (el 20,az 153).
Tony Beresford