Aircraft Position Lights
Sat, 2 Oct 1999 00:18:11 EDT

     While still pursuing the theory that it's an aircraft in the image, I 
created an aeronautical chart with the airspace around the photographers 
     The concentric circles depict where an aircraft at 15,000, 25,000, and 
35,000 feet would have to fly through to be at an apparent 43 deg elevation. 
The white line describes a 227 deg true heading (estimate for photo center at 
0155 UTC 8 Mar 1999). 
     While I've demonstrated that the tracks weren't caused by aircraft on 
published airways or air refueling tracks, I still think that a formation of 
aircraft proceeding on a direct clearance is a strong possibility.

     You can see this image at:
Select "tpcchart.jpg"  (I found that an image viewing program results in a 
much better presentation than my browser).

Shawn Fleming
32 34.127 / -93 39.034
61.9 meters