Re: Unusual UnID or (EGP)

Allen Thomson (
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 06:39:20 -0700

Terry Pundiak said:

>After reading your letter about how much you liked EGP I had to check it
>out... and tonight I saw it I agree with you it is just great... It
>moves much slower than most sats that I have seen and its glints are so
>rapid (3 per second?) like the light getting caught in a diamond that is
>turning - it even seemed to have colors (blue) sometimes - an optical
>illusion, probably.

Another illusion I've noticed when viewing EGP through binoculars is that it
appears to make small "hops" to either side of it's mean path.   Presumably
this is some variant of the autokinetic illusion -- another I've seen when
watching naked-eye satellites  at high elevations is that they sometimes
appear to jump forward or back  a bit.