Re: Unusual UnId or (EGP)

Terry Pundiak (
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 23:29:34 -0500

Dear Robert,
After reading your letter about how much you liked EGP I had to check it
out... and tonight I saw it I agree with you it is just great... It
moves much slower than most sats that I have seen and its glints are so
rapid (3 per second?) like the light getting caught in a diamond that is
turning - it even seemed to have colors (blue) sometimes - an optical
illusion, probably. It seemed very bright in binocs (11x80's) yet not a
hint with the naked eye.  Thanks for commenting on this sat, I'll add
EGP to my list of fun objects like NOSS 2-1,2,3 to follow regularly.


Terry Pundiak, M.D.
Easton, PA
lat 40.693389 N, long 75.26615 W