delayed report from EUROSOM 3
Thu, 29 Oct 98 15:38:06

Hello All,

Since I had planned to get back to the US before Jay, I was asked by
Jay to report on some sightings from Edinburgh, Scotland (56.0 N/3.2 W)
during the conference. My apologies to those who use the VSO as I haven't 

updated any of the pages since Oct 15 but I hope to correct that
in the next couple of days.

Saturday Oct 24 at Edinburgh found the skies mostly cloudy with periods 
of rain.
Sunday Oct 25 was a much better observation day from Edinburgh with
the skies clearing in the afternoon. Jay Respler (and I believe others)  
informed the group that a predicted mag. -8 Iridium day flare might be 
visible to the group from Iridium 57 if we broke from the schedule at 
15:02:49 local time (UT, I believe) to observe it. 

So shortly before the appointed time we interrupted a
presentation and headed outside to the top of the hill in the shadow 
of the old Observation Building to look skyward at a high altitude
of 69 deg.and an azimuth of 167 deg. 
The skies were exceeding clear in the direction of interest and the 
viewing angle was sufficiently far enough from the sun to allow a dark
blue sky, ideal for viewing a day-time reflection from an Iridium.

Sure enough, as the countdown came down to the prediction time, a brief 
flash was observed for probably no more than one second but the direction
of travel north was clearly discernable during that time. There were 
cheers and applause from everyone observing.

Observing a day-time flare is significantly different from a night 
observation as the observer can only view the peak magnitude reflection
and does not observe the relatively slow rise and decline in brightness.

Bjoern recorded the daytime observation on his camcord and we viewed
the recording several times afterwards to enjoy group effort. I thought
it was ironic I had come that far from the US to finally see a successful 

daytime observation. My previous attempts were unsuccessful as the sat
was too close to the sun.

Jay and others with him successfully observed the following sats
nearby at the hotel where most were staying that evening (Oct 25) in 
something less than ideal skies because of the light pollution. 

18:25 Cosmos 1005
18:26 Cosmos 1980 rk
18:55 Lacross 2
19:18 UARS

Jeff Hunt