Y2K (Year 2000); Problems for satellite tracking programs

Mon, 26 Oct 1998 20:11:35 EST

The talk of the town lately with anyone who has anything to do with computers
is any so-called "panic" that may infringe upon us as time draws closer to the
Year 2000. Reading the December 1998 issue of "Sky and Telescope" with an
article titled "Confronting the Year 2000" has some interesting points to
consider for those of us that have anything to do with tracking satellites or
astronomy or both.

I guess my current concern for the moment is for the current satellite
tracking software that is available now that does or does not handle the Y2K
problems. What current software handles the problems now; will "patches" be
put out for the sofware; will any of the DOS programs have problems? My
suggestion (taken with a grain of salt) would be to contact the various
software authors of the various tracking programs to get their replies and to
post them for all of us to see. Those of us who are "registered" with the
software we are using may be contacted anyway with updates but it would be
nice to know.

I'm sure there will be lots of suggestions but I think we all need to start
thinking of this situation especially those of us that don't want to be
sinking a lot of money into software now if it's going to be of no use to us
in another year. Sorry this is so long and no personal replies are necessary.