1997-58D - Inspektor

Harro.Zimmer (Harro.Zimmer@t-online.de)
Sat, 24 Oct 1998 14:17:52 +0200

Hi friends,

I am running some sophisticated decay-programs, based on my earlier duties as the 
head of a satellite-tracking station (Wilhelm-Foerster-Observatory, Berlin, 
Germany), working more then 25 years for US agencies (SAO NORAD,NASA).
1997-58D - Inspektor (SSC 25100) - is a test object with all known parameters. 
OIG has a prediction for the reentry on October 25. That is 4-5  days too early. 
What I need is your observations to check the TLEs and the period of tumbling, to 
test my programs. 
By the the way: It is not a competition to Alan Pickups fine work in general 
reentry predictions. My special investigations, based on earlier developments, 
like the NORAD- Spiral Decay Program- we have nearly a quarter of a century 
experience with this type of work-  and need the input of a lot of special 

Clear skies


Harro Zimmer
Berlin, Germany