Re: Iridiums 11 and 14 flashes

Robert G Fenske Jr (
Fri, 23 Oct 1998 08:33:02 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 22 Oct 1998, Ed Cannon wrote:

> Very nice one-power flashes from both Iridiums 11 and 14!  

	I watched these as well last night.  It was our first clear
(no clouds whatsoever) night since our deluge last weekend.
> Iridium 14 (97-30A, 24836):  four sets of three flashes each, some 

	I observed two sets of three flashes followed by a set of four
flashes.  The middle flash was brightest of each set.  I'd say the flashes
were on the order of -1, -3, -1 with the last set having an extra trailing
> Iridium 11 (97-30G, 24842):  three groups of flashes, one of the
> last group probably at least -6; period about five or six seconds 

	I found that the flashes before culmination were irregularly
spaced, or at least I didn't discern on obvious period.  After culmination
I saw four sharp, very bright flashes spaced about 5s apart; all four
appeared to be Venus-like (>= ~-4).

> Iridflar predicted -8 (GSOC -6) flare from Iridium 16 was somewhat 
> obscured by a patch of broken stratocirrocumulus (?) clouds but 
> was probably about that bright.

	This one was a +0 flare for me.  Made for a nice sight as it
flared through the "M" of Cassiopeia.

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