Re: Ir 14? & Ir 11 tum
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 22:32:51 EDT

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>   Is Iridflar a program?  How do you Calculate Flar Angle and what is
>  Ant?

Iridflar is a program by Rob Matson.  A link to it may be found at:

The Flare (Mirror) Angle discussion may be found here:
and in the documentation of Iridflar.

Ant is one of the 3 Main Mission Antennae (MMAs).
Iridium 14 and Iridium 11 seem to have similar flashing patterns.   Here are
the flashes that I recorded for each this evening.  They are probably not all
of the flashes but these I did observe.  

Iridium 14, 22 October;  all times UTC:
23.36:25, 23:37:15, 23:38:29, 23:38:45-50 (a short series of passes).

Iridium 11, 23 October, all times UTC
00:18:44, 00:20:12

Iridium 56 made a nice -5 mag flare 20 degrees to the right of Polaris at 23
October, 00:09:37 UTC.

Cosmos 2106 (#20699) managed a -1 mag flare at 22 October, 23:27:40 UTC.

Don Gardner
76.8419 W, 39.1796 N,  34m ASL