Notes regarding recent NOSS observations

Bill Krosney (
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 13:32:27 -0500

Greetings to all,

Concerning the recent observations of NOSS 2-1 (C/D/E, USSPACECOM #'s
20691, 20692, 20642... at least according to Ted Molczan's Oct.15/98
element list).

Two points:

I have recorded in my notes prior observations of a NOSS 2-1 cluster
back in 1996.  The designations then (as from a Molczan TLE set of that
time) were NOSS 2-1 B/C/D, USSPACECOM #'s; 20682, 20691 and 20692.

The recent observation of a NOSS 2-1 triad matches two of the three
USSPACECOM designations that I observed back in '96, #20691 and #20692
match but they differ in the third object (either #20642 or #20682).
OIG by the way lists #20642 as the Titan 4 R/B, and it lists #20682,
#20691 and #20692 as USA 60, USA 61 and USA 62.  Question, what happened
to NOSS 2-1 B (#20682)?  The USSPACECOM number is not even found in
Molczan's current file.  Sorry if I missed a post which described this,
I don't always get to read the list each day.  I can't imagine something
was maneuvered to join the triad?  Was there a 'renaming' or
'reclassification' of a bird here?

Also, I would be very interested in conversing with anyone who has seen
a diagram (i.e. real or assumed) of a NOSS satellite.  I have seen the
NOSS 2-1 B/C/D triad brighten to at least 3rd magnitude once (it was at
a very long range and at a very low altitude, so considering atmospheric
extinction, they might of been even brighter).  I have also documented
from an old SeeSat post (Sept 96) about an extreme brightening of this
triad from a California location.  I also have a fellow in our local
astronomy club which made an observation of a triad of satellites ('as
bright as Sirius') back in Feb. of '96.  His observation matched the
NOSS triad perfectly from a Molczan element set at that time.  Question,
does anyone know if these satellites have some sort of large surface
that would generate such reflections at the right angles of

Thanks for now... Bill

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