Re: Pegasus Launch
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 20:28:54 EDT

Regarding visibility of a Pegasus launch:

There was a Pegasus launch (TRACE) April 1, 1998 staged from
Vandenberg.  I had looked for it from near my house but there were
too many clouds.  It was a mistake not to have driven closer to the
coast because it was clearer in areas other than where I was.  Brian
Webb saw it and reported in SeeSat:

I later got copies of three photos he took of it.  It looked impressive.
it got the attention of enough people that at least one local TV station
a home video of it on the 11 PM news.  The big factor was that it was an 
evening twilight launch with the just set sun backlighting the whole event.
The twilight phenomenon adds to the spectacle significantly.   The Florida
22 launch will be in total darkness at 8:02 PM EDT.  It can't be as impressive
as seeing a rocket launch from less than 10 miles away but could still be an
interesting sight to behold.

If I may add a personal note:  I'm excited because I'm going to Florida to see
the Pegasus Oct. 22, the Delta II Oct. 25, and you guessed it, the STS-95
Space Shuttle launch Oct. 29.  I'm hoping to join Andre and his friends to
see all of these especially the STS-95.

-- Jake Rees
   Burbank, California