RE: Decay watch: #25486 = Molniya rocket
Wed, 14 Oct 1998 09:29:05 -0700

I looked for the decaying Molniya rocket last evening.
Sun was up 3 degrees.  Nothing was seen.

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Hi All,

Using Alan's latest SATEVO propagation for the Molniya rocket,
I show that the west coast has a chance to see this reentry
right around sunset Tuesday evening, October 13th at about
6:11pm PDT (assuming it survives this long).  The track will be
high in the northwest moving left to right as seen from the San
Francisco Bay area and Sacramento.  It will be very low in the
northwest as seen from Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Barstow,
Bakersfield and so forth.  From Portland, Oregon, it will be low
in the east-southeast, passing just above Jupiter at 6:13pm PDT
moving right to left.  Alan's last two sets: