First Observation

Rick Kennedy (
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 21:48:25 -0400

Well, I am excited.  I made my first satellite observation tonight.  I
observed MIR at 20:32.  Satspy says it reached magnitude -0.7 (who am I
to argue?).  For an encore, I acquired COSMOS 100 as it passed Beta-UMi
at approx. 20:42 (mag. 4.9).  That one was tougher, I needed binoculars
to aquire it.  These may be no great shakes to you guys, but I was
proud.  :-)

I have to admit, until MIR rose above the trees in the right place and
on schedule, a part of me had trouble believing it was possible!  I
think I was even more amazed when a tiny pinprick of light crossed
Beta-UMi.  Amazing.

Rick (44.2206N 86.1925W 210m)