Cosmos 2227 Flare?

Richard D McKee (
Sat, 10 Oct 1998 22:28:34 -0400

As I was preparing to watch a pass of HST(#20580), I noticed a bright object
in the SE which I first thought was Jupiter.  However, this object was too
far toward the S and was moving slowly down to the horizon.  When first seen
at about 23:37:58 UTC on 10 Oct 1998, its elevation was between 20 and 25
degrees and its magnitude about -2.0.  I followed it until it went behind a
building at about 23:39:24 UTC.  Using SKYMAP, I found COSMOS 2227(#22284)
matches these observations.  Are there any other possibilities?  Other
observations of flares from COSMOS 2227?

Richard McKee
36.0587N 78.9323W 113m