Eutelsat Hotbird 5 apogee burns

Philip Chien (
Fri, 9 Oct 1998 11:54:13 -0400

It's sort of like pulling teeth, but with enough effort almost anything's

Assuming a beginning of the window launch tonight (5:55 pm EDT Oct 9)
here's the schedule for the three apogee raising burns for the Hotbird 5

Oct 11 10:33:12 UT - deltaV 850.94 meters per second
Oct 12 13:51:33 UT - deltaV 806.76 m/s
Oct 14 10:03:09 UT - deltaV 100.82 m/s

I would suspect (not known for certain) that the final burn will be where
the inclination is zeroed out.

The apogee engine uses bipropellants (Monomethyl Hydrazine / Nitrogen
Tetroxide) and generates 410 Newtons.

I may try to derive the parameters for the transfer orbits if I have enough
time, but suspect that I won't be able to do it before the launch due to my

Weather tonight is supposed to be not so hot - 40% go / 60% no go.  A bit
worse on Saturday, better on Sunday.  As usual check with Florida Today's
web site for the status of the launch.

Good luck anybody who wants to try to find it.

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