Master List or Launches

Mike DiMuzio (
Thu, 08 Oct 1998 22:36:18 +0000

    For those who don't subscribe to Jonathan's
Space Report, this is just the beginning of his latest report,
N0. 374, which may be ov interest to fellow SeeSaters
Jonathan's Space Report
No. 374 draft                              1998 Oct  5  Cambridge, MA
Precedence: bulk


I have updated the satellite catalog
and released a major new product - the master log of all orbital launches,
with as many launch times, launch vehicle serial numbers, pads, etc.
as I've been able to dig up. This is at
It includes a 1Mb text file about 180 columns wide, launchlog.txt.
Those of you who love this kind of dataset (you know who you are),
please feed back any errors you find.


Mike DiMuzio