NOSS 2-2 trio

Jim Nix (
Thu, 08 Oct 1998 12:52:17 -0500

Hi all,

 I found a new deep sky observation location about 10 mi. from my other
2 normal locations.  That and good weather gave a good night for
viewing.  I saw about 8 unknowns as well as 8 out of 10 I was looking
for.  Two of the Unknowns turned out to be Cosmos 1356 Rk and Cosmos
1025 Rk which made a head on pass at each other about 2.5 degrees apart
near Lambda and Eta Andromeda, 1025 going North and 1356 going South.

Other observations included the NOSS 2-2 trio and USA 81.

I timed NOSS D trailing NOSS C by 8.75 secs passing OI2Cyg, however,
prediction showed them to be almost 20 secs apart; but then the C elset
is 76 days old and the elsets for D & E are 23 days old. C appeared to
be running 17 secs behind prediction. But D is running 6 secs behind.
Does this read right? Anyway, all three passed between 48 & 50 Cass on
their way out in an orderly fashion.

Clear skies