Re: HALCA observations?

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Wed, 07 Oct 1998 15:19:42 +0800 wrote:
> Hi everbody!
> Did anybody observe the japanese satellite HALCA, which is used for
> VLBI radio interferometry?
> I couldn't identify the satellite with the common name query on the OIG
> page.Can anybody give cross references, catalog numberr or COSPAR designation?

Here are some info from The Satellite Encyclopedia:

Means "far away", also called Muses B and Halca (Highly Advanced
for Communications and Astronomy)
Designation       24720/97005A
Launch date       12 Feb 1997
Country of orgin  Japan
Mission           Scientific:astronomy
Perigee/Apogee    565/21462km
Inclination       31.3  
Period	          374min
Launch vehicle    Mu 5

Operated by Isas

Haruka is the space segment of the VSOP (VLBI Space Observatory
Programme), and will unfurl an 8-meter radiotelescope antenna to make
joint observations with ground based radio observatories, simulating a
telescope larger than the Earth. Haruka carries detectors operating at
1.6, 5 and 22 GHz, and will be able to make radio images with very high
spatial resolution, permitting precise measurements of quasar jets and
galactic maser sources.

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