Mon, 5 Oct 1998 21:34:50 -0600 (MDT)

Iridium 7 was projected to flare to a -4 magnitude at 20:09L (02:09 UT). I
stepped outside a few minutes early (20:06L) to set up my camera when i
spotted a light to the NNE. It got brighter, it was another flare so i moved
the camera in it's direction and snapped it's picture. It peaked to about -2
and lasted for many seconds. I noted it's elevation, approx 25=D8 at an
azimuth of approx 020=D8, heading North coming from the South-South-East.=
Iridium 7 came by, it flared to at least -5, i came inside to try and ID the
unknown flare. I came up with:

Landsat 4        4.0  2.0  3.7  5.6 d
1 13367U 82072A   98274.13157408 +.00000409 +00000-0 +10158-3 0 02644
2 13367 098.4124 317.6957 0003796 279.0321 081.0447 14.57012765862274

which fit the track i saw. I guess it pays to step outside early and look
around while you are waiting.