Re: North Korean Satellite Visible
Thu, 1 Oct 1998 22:25:44 -0700

Brian, from my "" e-mail address I have sent you some information
today.  Plz. note.
There is a KCNA blackout for mysterious reasons.  I will check RadioPress
(a Japanese monitoring agency), located down the street from me here in
Tokyo. Your right, what a bunch of BS....but who would be surprised....BS
has been the DPRK's chief export since 1948....

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From:     Brian Webb <102670.1206 @>
Date:     10/01/98 04:18:23 PM GMT
Subject:  Re: North Korean Satellite Visible

In an earlier post to this newsgroup, Keith Stein reported that the North
news agency published the dates and times when the supposed North Korean
lite would be visible over various N. Korean cities.

Since North Korea has no satellite, they probably calculcated when the Mir
station or other easy-to-see satellite would be passing over the DPRK and
encouraging the population to go outside and take a look.

An interesting propaganda ploy.


Brian Webb