Iridium 21 (97-34E, #24873) -- NO FLARE!

Marco Hahn FS (
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 17:56:32 +0200 (EET)

J><< Rather assume that Iridium 21, 11, 27, and 36 which are not in  the =
operational orbits, will probably not flare. >>
J>Helping to confirm this:
J>My experience with Iridium 21 was NO flare.

I can confirm this, too. Observed it from almost invisible in my 8x40 bin=
ocs (about 30 deg above horizon) to about 30 deg over the opposite horizo=
n. It did brighten more than the about 1.5m that SkyMap predicted (I'd sa=
y about 3 or 4 magnitudes), but was far from the -6m3 predicted by IridFl=
ar. Time was from 16:19-16:24 UTC.

However, USSPACECOM 23907 (NOSS 2-3 Rk) was so nice to provide at least o=
ne flash, lasting about 10-20 seconds and being around 0 magnitudes. Time=
 was around 16:04 UTC.

Location: Turku Studentbyn: 60.42N, 22.2E, 10m ASL

Hej d=E5, Marco