Jan Vansteelandt (
Thu, 30 Oct 97 8:29:29 +0200

Thanks to Craig Cholar and Mike McCants (private mail) 
for the identification of the NOSS-trio that flared over
Ypres on 28/10/97.

A new observation prove that the identification was correct:

The same satellites were seen that evening  in Mol, Belgium (this is as a 
estimate 100km more to the East of the first reported observation) 
Moment of observation: unknown.
Two satellites (parallallel moving) were magn +1 for a moment. 
The observer had a closer look at them with his 
8x50 telescope searcher and was able to see
the third satellite. 

Does anybody has an idea why only 2 of the sats flared?
Are there any comments on the solar sail theory, yesterday
suggested on this list?


Jan Vansteelandt