Iridium 18 flare

sbolton (
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 18:57:28 -0400

Just observed my first "minus" magnitude iridiflare. Words fail me.
Thank you Mr. Matson, your ver 1.0 predicted this event to the second.
Program predicted a 0.19 degree angle and a mag of -5.7, elevation 44 deg,
and a satellite distance of 1067 km.

As a veteran venus observer I can state the magnitude was > -5, perhaps -6.
Since I have often observed venus in the daytime when at it's maximum
magnitude of -4.4, I am sure that this flare could be seen in daylight.
Shielding the eyes from the sun would help.

Steve Bolton
Saint John, NB

45.432 N
65.976 W