a brief introduction

Nancy Hendrickson (stjoemo@ibm.net)
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 11:25:44 -0800

I have been on the list for awhile so thought I'd throw out a brief
intro.  I live in San Diego, and have enjoyed sat viewing for about five
years.  I'm pretty informal about my viewing, although I keep promising
myself to create a more structured program <g>.  My biggest sat thrill
was seeing Mir and the Shuttle in July of 1995.  Every single dark sky
attempt to see the pair was clouded out and my last attempt was in
*very* light twilight.  I'd run the numbers the night before, and since
I wouldn't have any stars to plot against, I used my neighbor's chimney
as a landmark.  WHen I managed to pull them out of the light sky, I was
a happy viewer.

I've been reading a lot about iridium flares, and am looking forward to
learning more about them.

I also do some freelance writing and am in the process of working up an
article on sat observing.  If anyone would like to email me privately
about their experiences I'd love to hear about them.  I'm particularly
interested in whether other people actually *have* a structured program,
what got them interested, how many people have seen, etc.  Thanks in
advance for the help, and I'm happy to be on the list.

Nancy Hendrickson