Re: Driving to Iridium Flare Centerline
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 20:47:24 -0500 (EST)

Ron Lee wrote:
<< For those that are within about 0.3 of 0.0, I just stay home.
Without having folks available to make absolute magnitude
estimates,  it is impossible to know if driving 3 miles helps any. >>

This sounds reasonable.  I had wondered if it would really make
any foreseeable difference when I drove one mile to the centerline
of the predicted Iridium 21 flare that did not materialiize.  And as
you indicate even with a person at each location, it would probably
be like "Mine was brighter than yours.  No, mine was brighter."

As for Craig not wanting to make a brief excursion into the Pacific,
I say that a TRUE Iridium flare worshipper could at least put on a
wetsuit and rent a small boat, especially since reportedly El Nino
has made the waters warmer than usual.  A little rough water, wind,
and salt spray in the face in the darkness of night never hurt anybody. 
  :-)  :-)

Jake Rees
Burbank, Calif., USA