Re: Iridium Flash

Tony Beresford (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 12:15:39 +1000

At 09:02 27/10/97, you wrote:
>I've added the Tiger Map Server pointer (as recommended by Jake Rees) to the 
>iridium.html page. If anyone knows of other map servers having coordinates 
>for other countries and continents, let me know.
>Jeff Hunt <>
Jeff, I just used the site Sue Worden mentioned
Its data base for Australia is a little old( 1957) ,
but reasonably comprehensive. It finds a disuded railway siding
called Beresford in the North part of So. Australia, and the
small country town around the ASSA's observatory (Stockport),
and the small towm near Gordon Garrad's home Loomberah.
Tony Beresford