Re: Iridium Flash

Jeff Hunt (
Mon, 27 Oct 97 09:02:18

Hello All,

In case you are new to the list, you can find pointers to the programs 
mentioned below (and others) at either:

I've added the Tiger Map Server pointer (as recommended by Jake Rees) to the 
iridium.html page. If anyone knows of other map servers having coordinates 
for other countries and continents, let me know.

Jeff Hunt <>
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--- On Mon, 27 Oct 1997 06:42:11 -0700  Ron Lee <> wrote:

>Rob Matson's program provides a listing of Iridium flares.  If you  are new
>to satellite tracking, then a program that shows satellite paths may help.
>Example is Rob Matson's Skymap.  Also I believe that Traksat and SatSpy 
>also provide some sort of satellite path superimposed on stars.