Iridium Flash, 10/27

Jim Bedient (
Sun, 26 Oct 1997 22:11:29 -1000

I'm curious to know what the typical Iridium flash looks like.  I looked for
one tonight, 10/27 at 05:10 (10/26, 19:10 local time) and a little ahead of
the appointed time, a satellite suddenly appeared at the right location,
about 2nd magnitude, as predicted.  It was visible for 5-10 seconds, and
moved 5 degrees or so in that time.  

I guess that was it...  My question is this:  Is that correct, do these
things show visible movement while they are in their bright state?  From
some of the descriptions I'd been reading, they sounded like very short,
stationary flashes.  The pictures on the website show definate motion, though.

I'm interested in determining their characteristics, and if they might ever
be mistaken for something else.


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