RE: Lacrosse 3 Rk and Lacrosse 3

Ted Molczan (
Sat, 25 Oct 1997 21:49:43 -0400


>The Titan 4 upper stage was observed to be in good agreement with the
>elements from OIG.

You say that so matter-of-factly! 

They rarely provide elsets for pieces from black
program launches. This seems like a rare bit of 
sanity on the part of the spooks. That, or someone
screwed up. I see they have not de-classified 23907, 
so I guess it has its limits, but this does seem 

It is high time that the powers-that-be admit that
ANYONE who wants to, can find and track these Leo 

Even without the ILAM data, I'll bet you or one of 
several others would have found the objects just 
about as easily.

Interesting that they chose 57 deg. If I recall
correctly, John Pike was the only one who was open
to that possibility, when I pointed out the
contradictory launch azimuth and inclination in
the ILAM data. I expected 68 deg for a long time,
and did not begin to have doubts until I saw that
the launch time did not change after the latest
long delay. Oh well, the hobby would be boring if
it became TOO predictable.

Ted Molczan