Satellite Toolkit CD ROM

Sat, 25 Oct 97 15:40:25 PDT

It's been some time since the Satellite Toolkit was released as freeware
to the public (the add-ons are where the money is to be made, I suppose).
I finally got around to having the free CD ROM mailed to me (see for more info), and was absolutely aghast to read the
install requirement for the Windows version was 220 megabytes!  That's
not a misprint.  Two-Two-Zero!  Egad!  I don't even have that much free
on my 2 GB harddisk.  Before I commit space to this product, is there
*ANYONE* among the visual observer community who has found it worthwhile?
I recall only a scant handful of posts ever mentioning the program, and
at the time I don't think any SeeSat'ers said they were actually using
it.  Is that still the case?

 Craig Cholar    3432P@VM1.CC.NPS.NAVY.MIL