Re: Titan 4 from Vandenberg Oct. 23

Jens Lerch (
Sat, 25 Oct 1997 21:11:48 +0000

> I have only seen one Titan launch and no Shuttles, but my semi-
> educated GUESS is that they are similar.   Primarily due to the
> large solid rockets.  Obviously the Shuttle solid plume may be
> more impressive.
> Ron Lee

A Shuttle has twice the thrust of a Titan 4 (2,600,000 kgf vs. 
1,300,00 kgf). I don't know how impressivness scales with thrust.

An important factor is the distance to the pad:
Launcher      Thrust [kgf]        Distance [km] 
Titan 4         1,300,000            10,0 to Ocean Ave (US-246)
Shuttle         2,600,000            10,0 to NASA causeway
Delta II        360,000               4,5 to Jetty Park Cocoa Beach      

I think light and noise of the rocket falls of with the inverse 
square of the distance.
Having seen a Delta liftoff from Jetty Park (ACE Aug.25) I want to know 
how it compares to a Space Shuttle launch in twice the distance?

I ordered and received a Shuttle-Viewing-Car-Pass for STS-86, but 
couldn't use it. Now I got a second pass (for STS-87) without ordering. 
If anyone needs this pass, contact me.

Jens A. Lerch
Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany
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Conversion factors:
1 kgf=2.2 lbf
1.6 km=1 Mile