Updated TiPS elset

Sat, 25 Oct 97 06:47:23 PDT

The 97180 TiPS elset in the Molczan file is now one minute early, and
.9 degree off track.  Since TiPS is making both evening and morning
passes now over N. America, I've taken the elset published by the
Naval Research Lab and modified it with the correct catalog number
and checksums:

TiPS             2.5  0.0  0.0  6.3 d
1 23937U 96029  F 97297.53472222 0.00000045  00000 0  56489-4 0 00008
2 23937  63.4344 310.4058 0043790 357.6245 117.0680 13.64059430 29274

I verified the accuracy of the elset by observing it about 20 minutes
ago.  It was right on time and track.  Here's the Molczan elset for
comparison purposes (again, it's one minute early!).

TiPS (OLD)       2.5  0.0  0.0  6.3 d
1 23937U 96029  F 97180.35712060 0.00000340  00000-0  42373-3 0    01
2 23937  63.4254 260.8709 0042001 345.7370  14.2630 13.63983005    02

Heads up, Southwest U.S.!  There's a nice TiPS pass from about
8:08-8:11 PDT Saturday night (10/25).  There's also a pass over the
Southeast U.S. on the previous orbit.

For those unfamiliar with TiPS, it's an interesting tethered satellite
that requires either binoculars or a telescope to see well.  For
more info visit http://hyperspace.nrl.navy.mil/TiPS/

Newcomers might see mention of a tethered satellite on the VSOHP;
Don't confuse TiPS with TSS, a tethered satellite that re-entered
in March 1996, but still has a page dedicated to it on the VSOHP site
at http://www.satellite.eu.org/tss.html

To Jeff, Neil, and Bart...
Perhaps it might be a good idea to include a link to the NRL TiPS page
somewhere on the VSOHP?  I didn't see one there.  My concern is that
beginners aren't able to see the tether because the Molczan elset is old,
and they may be unaware of TiPS since there's no obvious mention of it
on the VSOHP.  I think a link to the TiPS elset page at
http://hyperspace.nrl.navy.mil/TiPS/latest_tips.els would be a nice
addition to http://www.satellite.eu.org/getkeps.html

 Craig Cholar    3432P@VM1.CC.NPS.NAVY.MIL
 Marina, California
 36 41 10.3N,  121 48 17.9W    (36.6862, -121.8050)      UTC -7