I may have seen Lacrosse 3 & Titan 4.

Ed Cannon (ecannon@mail.utexas.edu)
Fri, 24 Oct 1997 21:46:58 -0400

Mike called saying we might be able to see the Titan 4, and he went 
out to BCRC and hopefully will send in better data than mine.  But 
anyway his call motivated me to look from around where I work (poor 
location but able to see mag. +1 objects pretty well!).  And, well, 
I may have seen Lacrosse 3 and the Titan 4.  Using this elset from 
Alan's select.tle:

Titan 4 r?                                       672 x 425 km
1 25018U 97064B   97297.61447556 -.00106174  00000-0 -50496-2 0    26
2 25018  57.0033 154.2587 0178551 167.9523 192.5873 15.05965702    81

I had a prediction for 0:55:54 UTC on 25 Oct 1997 at alt 61, azi 334.
At about that time I turned around (I'd been trying to see Cos 2335 
low in the SE.) and saw a bright object rising nearly straight up from 
the horizon.  I'll estimate that it was between mag. +1 and zero, but 
I was not able to discern any obvious periodic flashing.  As it passed 
near the zenith I turned around to face the SE to continue watching 
it and immediately saw another object not quite as bright leading it 
on the same track by maybe 30 degrees, traveling at about the same 
velocity.  (So, I saw the leader after it had passed its culmination.)  
I don't know whether the Titan 4 or Lacrosse 3 would have been leading, 
but the elset above pretty closely predicted the trailing, brighter 

Of the elsets Bjoern posted, the one that yielded the prediction
closest to my observations is this one:

Lacrosse 3-57 02:32 UT 971024                    683 x 427
1 97147U 97099  A 97297.14991394  .00020200  00000-0  34292-4 0    18
2 97147  56.9990 156.1300 0184600 160.8266 199.9841 15.04000054    13

but the trailing object was running ahead of this by at least a minute. 

Ed Cannon
Univ. of Texas at Austin, USA -- 30.29N, 97.74W, 150m