Titan / Lacrosse 3 obs 10/25 02:30:15 UT

Fri, 24 Oct 97 19:34:07 PDT

Using Bjorn Gimle's parking orbit elset, I saw the tumbling Titan
R/B graze about 1 deg. above Alpha Ophiuchus at 02:30:15 10/25 UT.
"Lacrosse 3" passed about .5 deg. above same star at 02:30:54

This was just a couple of degrees above the predicted track.  The
predicted appulse time of Alpha Ophiuchus was 02:32:12

The R/B and payload were just as described by Mike McCants.  I was hoping
to see a 'ruby red' Lacrosse (I read somewhere that they were once described
as that color), but it just appeared a subtle bronze hue, somewhat like
Mir to my eyes.

 Craig Cholar    3432P@VM1.CC.NPS.NAVY.MIL
 Marina, California
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