Iridium 21 Flare

Don Boggs (
Fri, 24 Oct 1997 15:38:31 PDT

 Don't count out Iridium 21 quite yet.

 A flare from this satellite as predicted by Rob Matson's program
 was observed at 02:48:40 +/- 15 sec UTC  Oct. 24
 (19:48:40 PDT Thursday night).  Viewed from 47.65 N, 122.31 W.

 The predicted minimum mirror angle was 5.45 degrees, and 
 the expected magnitude was 1.5. Actual maximum brightness
 was about m = -2. The satellite was visible to the naked eye
 for about 10 sec in the bright Seattle, Washington, USA sky.

 Another observer 30 miles to the south (47.27N, 122.48W)
 saw the same flare and reports a comparable apparent magnitude.

 Don Boggs

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