RE: Irdm Predict Prgrm practice?

Fri, 24 Oct 1997 14:05:03 -0700

	SKYSAT v0.5 now supports machines without a math coprocessor.  I
believe that this is true for the newest version of Rob's IRIDFLAR as
p.s.  Version 0.5 also has a new 'Find Flares' command that only shows
passes with a flare.

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> Subject:	Irdm Predict Prgrm practice?
> Would someone out there who is perhaps looking for a little more
> practice
> using these Iridium flare programs (yeah, that's how I'll put it :)
> please
> please pretty please run a prediction for me??? I can't use the prog.
> because
> I have no math coprocessor :(  My location is Raleigh, NC.  I really
> want to
> see what everyone is ranting and raving about!!!
> Quinn M.