Titan 4 launch

Fri, 24 Oct 1997 10:55:42 -0700

I too observed the Titan 4 launch from about 2:35 to 2:39 UT.  I'm
pretty far away (near San Francisco) and the launch was almost directly
away from me (looking up the nozzles).  As it cleared the trees it was
not very bright but slowly grew to perhaps mag 0 (plus or minus a
bunch).  Fomalhaut (I think) was nearby but I was glued to the
binoculars.  At about 2:37 or 2:38 I saw the following events in perhaps
half a second.

	Very bright
	Very dull red

Obviously a staging event.  It was the highlight of the launch.  It grew
slowly dimmer and then started plummeting towards the horizon.  It then
grew dimmer at a rapid pace until I lost it behind some trees.

Let's do that again!

		Randy John