Misty 3 Zapped...??

John Locker (satcom@mail.cybase.co.uk)
Mon, 20 Oct 1997 21:29:08 +0100

According to the latest reports,MSTI-3 was zapped by the MIRACL laser on
friday night....17th....when two beams were fired at it after earlier
attempts failed due to software problems,and then heavy cloud cover.

Can anyone confirm this report?

Latest keps dont seem to show any drastic change in orbit,however it was
never the intention of the Army to destroy MISTY...just to heat it up a bit
until it failed!

The next stage I presume is to carry out on orbit adjustments,to put the
bird into a controlled re-entry burn up!

Any replies ,to the group please,as I know a number of us are following
this issue with some interest.

Many thanks,and best wishes,