Re: Complaint about PPAS report format

Kurt Jonckheere (
Mon, 20 Oct 1997 18:16:15 +0100

Bjoern wrote:

>Jim Varney has written a nice Windows program, ppasinp, to
>enter the necessary data in a form and append them to your
>log file in the format ready to send them.
To enter my flash observations, I still use the DOS tool which was
written by the BWGS some years ago.

You can find SfEdit and Satflash in the zip-file at:

Wit SfEdit you can browse PPAS files and enter your observations,
SatFlash has the additional possibility to graphically analyse
flashing periods of satellites.

If some of you need more help with the PPAS format, do not hesitate
to contact me.


Kurt Jonckheere

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